Dimensions Fine Arts is a nonprofit classified as a 501c3 under IRS guidelines. The group was started by music leaders in Saline County in order to promote and foster the Fine Arts in Saline County, and now, Central Arkansas.

The first project to meet that goal was the creation of the Saline County Community Orchestra (now the Saline Symphony Orchestra). Under the direction of two talented conductors from the area, the orchestra gave its premiere concert at the First Methodist Church in Benton in May 2014. Dr. Sean Popp of Henderson College directed the orchestra, and Bruce Wallace, formerly the Music Director of First Methodist Church in Benton, directed the choir. The orchestra was proud to have this concert very favorably reviewed by the Saline County Courier.

During the summer of 2014, the strings of the orchestra continued to meet under the direction of John Wood, a retired band director from Little Rock. 

In September, the orchestra was ready to begin a new season and Aaron Rice, a recent graduate of Hendrix College and a graduate of Bryant High School, was selected to prepare the orchestra for two successful Christmas Concerts. Rice has not only proven himself to be a talented young conductor but he has been working tirelessly to establish the framework of the Dimensions in Fine Arts organization. His work will lead the group into the future. Rice led the group in the effort to put together the necessary paperwork to establish Dimensions as a 501c3 nonprofit status. 


Now under the conductorship of Tanner Oglesby for the past several seasons, the Saline Symphony Orchestra is flourishing and heading toward establishing itself in the Central Arkansas area as a prominent volunteer orchestral organization with an ever-improving and increasing membership of musicians, including a new youth ensemble program and scholarship opportunities for area youth. 

Board Members

Tanner Oglesby is the conductor of the Saline Symphony Orchestra and President of Dimensions Fine Arts. Board members include Brenda Ramsey, Vice President; Nicole Crouch, Treasurer; Lisa Hightower, Secretary; Linda Brockinton, Gwen Garland, Fundraising Chairperson; Renee Buras-Sims.